Whether you’re embarking on an extended vacation or a lengthy business trip, leaving your gun collection unattended at home can raise concerns about safety and security. During prolonged absences, ensuring the proper storage of firearms becomes crucial to prevent unauthorized access and protect your valuable assets. This is where Dunlap Gun Storage offers a reliable solution for off-site storage needs. Here’s why entrusting your firearms to Dunlap Gun Storage during extended absences is the smart choice:

Peace of Mind While Away:

Extended vacations or business trips should be times of relaxation or focused work, not worrying about the safety of your firearms back home. By storing your gun collection with Dunlap Gun Storage, you can enjoy your time away with peace of mind, knowing that your firearms are securely stored in a dedicated facility.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access:

Leaving firearms unattended at home during an extended absence poses the risk of unauthorized access, whether by curious visitors, house sitters, or even intruders. Dunlap Gun Storage’s secure off-site facilities eliminate this risk by providing controlled access and advanced security measures, ensuring that only authorized individuals can retrieve your firearms.

Protection Against Theft or Burglary:

Homes left unoccupied for an extended period are more vulnerable to theft or burglary. Firearms, being valuable and attractive targets, can be particularly enticing to intruders. By storing your firearms off-site with Dunlap Gun Storage, you reduce the risk of theft or burglary, safeguarding your valuable assets during your absence.

Compliance with Legal Requirements:

Depending on your location and local regulations, there may be legal requirements or recommendations for the secure storage of firearms, especially during extended absences. Dunlap Gun Storage’s off-site storage facilities ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, helping you avoid potential legal issues while you’re away.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Despite being away from home, you may still need access to your firearms for various reasons, such as hunting trips or competitive shooting events. Dunlap Gun Storage offers convenient access to your firearms stored off-site, allowing you to retrieve them whenever necessary, ensuring that you’re prepared for any upcoming activities or events.


Extended absences, whether for leisure or business, should be times of enjoyment and productivity, not concern over the safety and security of your firearms. Dunlap Gun Storage provides a trusted solution for off-site storage needs during prolonged periods away from home, offering peace of mind, protection against unauthorized access or theft, and compliance with legal requirements. By entrusting your firearms to Dunlap Gun Storage, you can focus on your travels or work commitments with confidence, knowing that your valuable assets are in capable hands. Don’t leave your peace of mind to chance—secure your firearms with Dunlap Gun Storage before your next extended absence. Your safety and security deserve the utmost attention, even when you’re away.