Off-Site Gun Storage,
We provide the best temporary and long-term off-site gun vaulted storage solutions in the world. We’re confident in that statement. Safety, security, and preservation are paramount and supported by a world-class support team that stands ready to deploy whenever you give the order.
Fast and Fully-Insured Shipping
When you say “ship it!”, we ship it! Whether coming to us or going back to you, we’re optimized for speed and insured by the best in the industry. Our dedicated shipping support team is world-class with tens-of-thousands of firearm shipments under their belts to help guide and support you.
Focused on Safeguarding and Preservation
Safeguarding and preserving firearms is our business. For over 10 years we’ve specialized and proven our secure-storage practices. Our firearm preservation processes have been developed by expert gunsmiths and curators. Our goal is continuous peace of mind to our asset owners.
How It Works

Customized Storage
Submit an inquiry detailing the firearm(s) you wish to store with us and we’ll provide you with a free quote and evaluation with recommended storage options and services to preserve and protect your firearm for the duration of its stay. We provide you with instructions and materials for shipping your firearm to one of our storage facilities.

Guaranteed Shipping
We’ve developed industry leading shipping processes with best practices vetted by UPS to ensure safe and easy shipping. Upon arrival, your firearm goes through a specialized intake process to catalog and document its condition. We keep you informed every step of the way as your firearm completes its journey into one of our purpose-built gun vaults.

Professional Preservation
A team of curators dedicated to safekeeping and preserving the condition of your firearm regularly audits your stored assets. In addition to safekeeping we offer a wide-range of gunsmithing services to preserve, protect and maintain your firearm.

Expedited Withdrawals
Firearms stored at our facilities can be withdrawn and shipped at any time by account holders. A multi-factor authentication and verification process ensures assets get returned safely and securely. Withdrawals ship via expedited Next Day Air (or as requested) services, fully insured and traceable.
Gun Storage Making an Impact

Access Prevention
Storing a firearm off-site can help prevent suicide, theft, and other accidental or unintended use of a firearm.
Mental Health
We advocate for responsible firearm ownership, mental wellness and good decision making when storing and using firearms.
Community Outreach
We’ve partnered with Walk the Talk America to help educate, provide resources and break negative stigmas around mental health to gun owners. Together we’re saving lives.
Supporting Our 2A Rights
While some organizations use “gun safety” as a way to infringe upon your constitutional rights, our commitment is to safeguard those rights and provide innovative solutions that make a difference.
Why Use Dunlap Gun Storage
Our mission is to provide gun owners with world-class off-site vaulted firearm storage that guarantees preservation, safekeeping and accessibility of their firearm assets. We understand the complexities of firearm ownership and the circumstances that can arise that force gun owners to look for alternative storage options. Our methods have been vetted by the ATF, major shipping and insurance carriers, expert gunsmiths, and curators of the world’s most valuable firearms. When it comes to firearm safekeeping, preservation, and accessibility when you need it, trust the professionals at the Dunlap Gun Storage.
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