For those facing a divorce, court proceedings involving estates, or any other legal situations where firearm assets need to be securely stored until litigation concludes, consider utilizing the specialized services of Dunlap Gun Storage.

We understand the importance of securely storing firearms, ensuring they remain inaccessible to parties involved in ongoing legal matters. This ensures that the division of assets includes these firearms in the final inventory. The division of assets, particularly during divorce proceedings, can be a source of anxiety for gun owners. Firearms acquired during a marriage become marital property subject to decisions during a divorce.

Divorce proceedings often introduce uncertainty regarding the valuation of assets, including firearms. It’s crucial to prioritize your firearms as valuable assets during divorce proceedings and take responsibility for their secure storage with Dunlap Gun Storage throughout the legal process.

By choosing Dunlap Gun Storage for firearm storage during legal proceedings, you can rest assured that your firearms won’t go missing, creating a level playing field for all parties involved in the legal matters.

Trust Dunlap Gun Storage for Secure Off-Site Firearm Storage

At Dunlap Gun Storage, our mission is clear: to provide a safe, secure, and hassle-free option for storing firearms off-site for individuals across the United States. Our staff is extensively trained to handle firearms with care, ensuring that each firearm is returned in the same condition as received when clients withdraw them from our vaults.

Submit an inquiry detailing the firearm(s) you wish to store with us and we’ll provide you with a FREE quote and evaluation with recommended storage options and services to preserve and protect your firearm(s) for the duration of its stay. We’ve developed industry-leading shipping processes with best practices vetted by UPS to ensure safe and easy shipping. Upon arrival, your firearm goes through a specialized intake process to catalog and document its condition. We keep you informed every step of the way as your firearm completes its journey into one of our purpose-built gun vaults.

A team of curators dedicated to safekeeping and preserving the condition of your firearm regularly audits your stored assets. In addition to safekeeping, we offer a wide range of gunsmithing services to preserve, protect, and maintain your firearm.

Firearms stored at our facilities can be withdrawn and shipped at any time by account holders. A multi-factor authentication and verification process ensures assets get returned safely and securely. Withdrawals ship via discounted UPS Next Day Air (or as requested) services, fully insured and traceable.

For an affordable monthly fee, we offer comprehensive firearm storage services in our discreet and newly constructed state-of-the-art facilities. Our facilities are equipped with cutting-edge security controls designed to securely store firearms belonging to account holders. We boast a two-stage vault and security system, complemented by 24-hour surveillance, all within a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to guarantee the integrity of all stored firearms.

Make the intelligent choice by entrusting your firearms to Dunlap Gun Storage. Our federally licensed staff will ensure that your firearms are in good hands throughout the legal proceedings, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve