Are you a firearm owner facing limitations when it comes to storing your valuable gun(s)? These limitations can manifest in various forms, whether due to housing restrictions like moving into an on-campus college dorm, residing in low-income housing, or relocating to a state with strict gun regulations. If you wish to retain ownership of your firearm while ensuring its safe and secure storage in a federally licensed facility, trust the Dunlap Gun Storage for your temporary gun storage needs.

At the Dunlap Gun Storage, gun owners from across the United States trust our staff with their off-site firearms storage needs. Our newly constructed, state of the art facilities are located in discreet parts of the nation with ample security measures. We offer a two stage vault and security system complete with 24 hour surveillance, as well as a controlled environment with humidity and temperature control to ensure the integrity of your firearms. Additionally, firearms under our care receive preservation treatments performed by our trained staff to maintain their condition.

Our process is straightforward. Simply package your firearm for shipment and use the cost-free shipping label we provide to send it to our secure facility. Throughout the process, we maintain communication with you, providing account holders with a copy of our federal firearms license and the storage contract for your firearms. Upon arrival, your firearms undergo an intake process by our skilled staff and are cataloged into our secure vault system.

No quantity of firearms is too big or too small for us to handle. Being an account holder with the Dunlap Gun Storage comes with the peace of mind knowing your gun(s) will be available to you when requested. For an affordable monthly fee, the Dunlap Gun Storage guarantees the return of your firearm in the same condition it was sent to us. Furthermore, it will be safeguarded from potential theft, unauthorized use, and accessible only by you, the owner.

We are the best choice for individuals moving to states with strict gun ownership regulations, transitioning into a new home, conducting major renovations to your home, displaced by natural disasters and other situations when it comes to securely storing your firearms.