Are you a firearm owner in the midst of selling your home? Have you already closed the contract and find yourself in need of a safe and secure place to store your firearms while transitioning between homes? For those facing the challenge of where to store their guns while navigating the complex home-buying process, let Dunlap Gun Storage ease your concerns by providing a reliable solution. Store your firearms at our newly constructed, state-of-the-art, and secure facilities.

With Dunlap Gun Storage, account holders who use our service are guaranteed their firearms will not only be secure but the guns will be incapable of unauthorized use, protected from potential theft, and will be maintained by our trained staff of professional gun handlers. Our newly constructed facility is equipped with 24-hour surveillance, a two-stage vault and security system, and controlled environments with humidity and temperature control. This comprehensive security setup offers peace of mind to our account holders, knowing that their firearms are in capable hands with the federally licensed Dunlap Gun Storage.

For an affordable monthly fee, our dedicated staff will catalog and maintain your firearms in the same condition as when they were sent to us. We ensure this by applying our preservation treatment to guns in our custody. Gun owners can withdraw their firearms at their convenience, anytime they need them. When clients choose to use our service, all they need to do is pack up their firearms and send them to our facility using the prepaid shipping label provided by Dunlap Gun Storage. We also provide premium, industry-leading insurance coverage for all firearms shipped to our facility.

There are no time restraints on how long guns can remain at our facility. If the move takes longer or other unforeseen circumstances arise, we will store your guns for as long as needed. Let us alleviate some of the stress associated with moving and provide the secure firearm storage you require. Trust the Dunlap Gun Storage to keep your firearms safe during this transitional period.