Are you or do you know a gun owner who is elderly and needs to store their firearms securely to prepare for estate planning? Dunlap Gun Storage is a hassle-free solution for those who are elderly and need to store firearms during a transition to assisted living or want to keep their gun collection safe during estate planning.

The fact is aging gun owners and collectors face a dilemma at some point: what do I do with all of my guns? We are here to help store gun collections for those who want to store their firearms securely during the decision-making process. We can even facilitate the sale of guns on your behalf for those who decide to liquidate. However, for those who are set on maintaining ownership, we can store the guns for any length of time.

What are the Benefits of Storing a Firearm with Dunlap Gun Storage?

  •  Dunlap Gun Storage is federally licensed and our staff is trained to provide preservation treatment on firearms we store to ensure the integrity and overall condition of firearms within our vault.
  • We utilize multiple cutting-edge security controls and implement security measures to ensure guns stored at our vaults will be safe and can only be accessed by account holders.
  • Guns are monitored using a 24-hour video surveillance system
  • Gun owners that use our service are guaranteed their guns will be secured and safe from theft, and damage and cannot be used by anyone during their time in the vaults.
  • All firearms are stored in a humid and temperature-controlled environment to ensure the integrity of all firearms stored within our vaults.
  • Storing personal firearms with Dunlap Gun Storage won’t break the bank either. We offer our services at a reasonable cost to the account holder and can store collections both big and small.

For aging gun owners who are transitioning into assisted living, are elderly, and need a good place to store a gun collection, or are in need of a secure place to store guns while planning your estate, trust, or will, use Dunlap Gun Storage for your secure gun storage needs.